Donor profile: In the Raw

Steph donates regularly to our Remote Laundries project and her generosity is an inspiration. This is her story about why she wants to be involved.

“It feels great to donate each week, knowing I am making a difference to remote communities who are in need. Regardless of whether my business could do with those funds, this is my promise to community. To help them have access to the basic need of clean water and facilities which help prevent the spread of disease. Things we take for granted and most would have no idea our remote communities lack. Knowing our donations make a positive difference makes me happy”.

Purchase with a purpose

Steph owns a business called In the Raw Byron Bay which creates and sells handcrafted natural and organic skin care and vegan soy candles. For every purchase in her stores she donates $2 or $1 for every purchase through wholesalers. At the end of the week, she tallies up her donation, logs onto the Remote Laundries website and makes her donation. 

“For so long now, I’ve been searching to align my brand with the right charitable programme and thanks to the wonderful Jules from The Clay Society I was made aware of AIG and the Remote Laundries project”.

Steph has agreed to have a Tap and Go in her Sydney store where shoppers can tap to donate $2 to the project. She believes it will have a positive response.

“It will give me an opportunity to spread information about Remote Laundries and I feel happy about that. People will be willing to donate, its only $2 and I believe people will realise how little they know about what is going on in their backyard and will want to help out”.

A culture of caring growing up

As a child Steph was taught about the importance of caring and looking after people. She thinks it’s sad that despite being a first world country, there is still so much suffering in our own backyards and wants to give back to the people of this country.

“This is my way of doing something to help our Indigenous people. People say they respect the custodians of the land we are on, but I believe actions speak louder than words”.

Bringing together likeminded people

We have a community of likeminded people who like Steph, support our project. Though their generosity and desire to create a caring community, they are changing the lives of people who live in remote communities in the NT. We thank Steph and our wonderful donor community from everyone at the Remote Laundries project. You are a true inspiration. 

Visit our website and learn about how you can be involved.

“It’s easy, no strings attached and goes direct to communities.”