I love this little job

Veronica Moreen works as a laundry attendant one day a week through the CDP program in Barunga and tells her story of working in the laundry.

“I love this little job”.

“I was working at the store but quit and went back to doing activities at the hall with CDP. Then it was decided there would be a laundry in Barunga that everyone can use. We all agreed it would be a good idea and these days I’m working in the laundry one day a week and I am really happy about that.

It was pretty easy to learn how to operate the machines and the ipad that turns the machines on.

We are loving working in the laundry. We did have one visitor. A big python came up the hill and went under the laundry. We were looking for it under the container but it was long gone!!

When people are used to the laundry being in Barunga, they will start using it especially if they only have a small washing machine at home and they want to wash their big blankets.”