Remote Laundries design get patented

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when hard work pays off? We recently got some of the innovative and critical elements of our laundry design patented which was hard work but very satisfying.

“This is a very important step for us to ensure critical parts of our Remote Laundries model, specifically designed to operate in remote communities are protected” said Jaime Asher, General Manager of the Remote Laundries project.  

Our research and development modelling has been formally recognised

 Our patents are about innovative and critical elements that exist throughout our overall design. While the idea of having washers and dryers set in a shipping container isn’t new, there are mechanical and operational elements that have been deemed unique and therefore patented.

“It shows the research and development modelling that we carried out early on to ensure all of the elements we created responded to the needs of the project have been formally recognised as being innovative and unique” explained Jaime. “The environment where the laundries operate is unusual and we needed to be particularly creative about how we made sure our units gave users the experience they need and want. These patents validate that hard work and dedication we put into the design”.

Purpose built to withstand community life

We put a lot of effort into designing a laundromat that was purpose-built to withstand life in remote communities. When developing the pilot project, we knew security and durability was vital to success. When it came time to expand, we built upon our pilot design.

The new design introduced rear access points to aid in regular maintenance and innovative locking mechanisms to ensure the container remained completely secure. We also made some improvements regarding staff ergonomics.

The filter system was redesigned, which allows us to safely deposit wastewater into the sewage system. More importantly, however, the new design means that staff can safely undertake daily maintenance from a standing position where other machines require filter access from the bottom.

These clever changes in our design qualified for an innovation patent.

Pro-bono work made the patent possible

The Remote Laundries project wants to acknowledge the work FB Rice did for us. FB Rice are champions of innovation and intellectual property and specialise in patents and have a generous pro-bono program, which was kindly extended to us. We appreciate the speed they worked and the resources they put into the patent process.

In a statement, FB Rice explained why they supported our project. FB Rice is committed to the environment and the communities in which they work. We saw this as an opportunity to support an initiative that is making a real difference to our communities and were pleased to offer our specialist services pro bono.

For us it is the next step in growing the Remote Laundries project. It stands us in good stead to be able to move forward with our growth plans and know the design is protected. There is a deterrent now for those that might want to copy our designs.