success so far...

We’ve always been open about how ambitious this project is, and how we anticipate any gains will be slow going. Its easy to fixate on where we want to be, but it’s important to take stock of the things achieved so far. 

Our last 12 months

  • 100% Indigenous owned, operated and staffed 
  • 5 sustainable employment positions 
  • 52 weeks of continued employment for 2 staff members 
  • 1 staff member continually employed for 30 weeks 
  • 1 person moved from CDP employment to laundry employment 
  • School based staff member (1)
  • 71 washes a week on average since September 2019
  • Operation record of 95% (of all of the possible days the laundry could have been operating, it’s been open 95% of the time). 
  • Community wages have injected $1000 a week into the community (local workers means the $ stays in community)
  • ZERO damage to the laundry unit 
  • Reduction in skin sores 
  • School engagement to complete health and hygiene education through the laundry
  • PHN health messages playing regularly on the screens at the laundry
  • Weekly bus to pick up to increase laundry access for vulnerable community members 

Snapshot today

As of mid 2020 we have one fully functioning laundry in Barunga community southeast of Katherine in the NT which has been operating since February 2019. 

AIG (the governing Aboriginal Corporation for the project) is in negotiations for three more laundries to be place throughout the Top End by the end of 2020. Details where and how TBC. 

Corporate Sponsorship is a priority for the project and a special task force has been established to find and nurture corporates interested in support our project.