Our Casuarina laundry is an important player in the longevity of the project for three reasons. 

First and foremost it offers free washing to people in northern Darwin. It also doubles as a training facility for new laundry staff throughout the NT. Thirdly it offers a hands on experience for partners and funding groups to see the laundry in action. 

The Casuarina laundry was opened in November 2020 and employs FIVE people. 

Get to know the Casuarina laundry through our stories

NT Administrator visits our Casuarina laundry

Last week Her Honour the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AO visited the Remote Laundries project in Casuarina to meet the team and learn about plans to expand the project further in remote NT.

“To have someone of the Administrator’s calibre visit and offer words of endorsement is important in driving support for the work we do. On a project level, to have the Her Honour really understand the benefits and potential of the Remote Laundries project is a huge boost to the staff who work hard to make their project a success” said AIG CEO Liz Morgan-Brett.

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Governor General visits remote Laundries project

Governor General visits Remote Laundries project

The AIG office was buzzing this morning in anticipation of a visit by his Excellency, Governor-General David Hurley.

Before he arrived Steve the CEO pulled the team together explained it was the job of everyone to make sure the Governor-General walked away from his visit knowing how passionate we are about the project – and that’s exactly what we did.

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Sam Autio changing attitudes through washing

Changing attitudes through washing

Our Darwin laundry opened in 2021, and the first employee was Sam Autio. Since his first shift on opening day Sam has been important in shaping the culture of the laundry. He’s an impressive human and we are lucky to have him on the team.  

Arriving in Darwin in 1988 as a young Noongar man looking to make a new start with only a packet of smokes, 50 cents and a tarpaulin to his name, the early days were tough for Sam with time spent living on streets. These days he wants to give back to people who are doing it tough like he did.

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New casuarina laundry

Brand spanking new laundry

Sitting in Katherine in all its glory is our new laundry unit.

Since the start of the Remote Laundries project in 2018 we’ve been talking about building more laundries and putting them around the NT, and we’re one step closer to achieving that with the new unit recently finished in Katherine.

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