Remote Laundries


A public laundry with washing machines and dryers that work, power and water that is reliable and detergent that never runs out is a practical way to improve the health of the community. 

Intended Outcomes

It’s time to tackle diseases of disadvantage by improving sanitation in houses and easing the burden on utilities in already desperately overcrowded houses.

The AIG Remote Laundries project will:

  • Reduce rates of scabies
  • Reduce rates of trachoma
  • Reduce rhematic heart disease
  • Improve school attendance
  • Contribute to employment opportunities in community

Laundry Design

Created by AIG and Richard Jay Ltd, the laundromat is a 20 foot container with a special hydraulic arm that lifts up the front and opens or closes (and secures) the laundry. It will have 4 washers and 4 dryers using a specialised pay wave system. There is a secure room off to the side with a sink, power control and chemicals (which are automatically fed to the washing machines) so the users don’t need to bring detergent.

Community consultation

The ball for this laundry started rolling in early 2018, when during a meeting with Bagala Aboriginal Corporation, the board members said they wanted to have a laundry in the Barunga community, and they wanted AIG to help them make it happen. Nearly 12 months later here we are!

Because Barunga is a pilot site, we’ve been working closely with the community to make sure nothing is overlooked. There have been many community consultations around the following topics:

  • Where to put the laundry
  • Perceived value of having a laundry by the Barunga community
  • Possible health and social benefits of having a laundry
  • Opening hours
  • Employing and training laundry attendants
  • Teaching users about proper machine use
  • Ticketing systems to avoid issues with washing being left in the machines
  • Potential health promotion and community communication at the laundry for people while they wait
  • Possible technical issues (water, power)
  • How to combat vandalism
  • Cost of the laundry and how to pay for the services