Laundry costs are divided into two sections: the setup costs and the ongoing costs. Its costs $360,000 to set up a new unit which includes the build, setup and staff training. The ongoing costs are $240,000 per annum per unit which includes laundry staff wages, chemicals, maintenance, power, water and internet. 

The Remote Laundries project needs supporters and financial partners to help cover the ongoing costs. Like all good partnerships, both parties need to benefit. Talk to us about what you need to benefit from being a part of our special project.

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We’re seeking partnerships with organisations that share our mission of helping Aboriginal communities to grow stronger through washing. 

We can tailor each partnership to meet the unique needs of your organisation, and can be innovative about how we go about getting your needs met too. 

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For a partnership consultation contact the Remote Laundries project team. 

Candice Basham
Program Manager
T (08) 8922 2666 


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