Your frequently asked questions answered

Why is AIG involved in Remote Laundries?

AIG set up the Remote Laundries Project in response to an expressed need from community members and leaders in community to have a public laundry. Designed after consultation with key stakeholders like Richard Jay (washing machine distributors) and Orange Sky (mobile laundromat charity) and Barunga community members, it was decided that a service that helped to overcome the challenges of overcrowding was a project worth investing in.

Remote Laundries not only improve sanitation and therefore the health of community but offers employment for people living in community.

Why do you need donations?

Everything is more expensive to operate in remote communities, and a community laundry is no different. To keep this project alive and functional there needs to be a donation element to the funding design.

Your donation supports some of the more vulnerable Australians in a way that is practical and meaningful.

How do I know my money is being spent on what you say it is?

As a charity we need to prove to the ATO (via the auditing process) that we are using the donations for what we are saying we would.

Yes, there is a degree of trust required by you to donate, but if you look at the stories section of this website, you will see well used and functioning laundries – which cannot be achieved without your donations. Thank you!

Are the laundries making a difference?

Yes! Since the laundry in Barunga opened in early 2019 scabies in the community has fallen by 60 per cent. The project has provided 19 new jobs, and we have injected almost $200 000 in wages to the local economy of the communities that have laundries. Washing clothes and bedding helps to prevent both primary and secondary illness, and to date our project has completed close to 30 000 cycles!