Aboriginal owned

Aboriginal Investment Group is 100% Aboriginal owned and self-funded, making us an important player in social advancement for Aboriginal people in Australia.

Set up in the early 1990s, AIG has been responsible for managing Aboriginal assets and reinvesting Aboriginal equity to create financial returns.

Returns on assets are
used two ways

Firstly, returns in assets are reinvested to keep the financial foundation of AIG strong to support the second, and more important use of Aboriginal equity.
Secondly, returns are distributed in the form of support to Aboriginal communities in the seven northern regions of the NT. Distribution comes after close consultation with the board and with community leaders to identify the needs of the community.

Other projects supported by AIG have been:
  • Building community stores
  • Managing community stores
  • Project management services on workers accommodation
  • Business support services in Aboriginal corporation governance

To read more about our activities in the last financial year, have a look at our 2017-18 Annual Report or visit out webpage www.aiggroup.org.au

Remote Laundries is a priority for AIG

The Remote Laundries project is a project that has been identified by the AIG Board and the Bagala Aboriginal Corporation as a priority for AIG. The overall vision is to have seven laundries in total, with Barunga being the pilot site. The laundries will provide a practical, effective way to close the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians by improving the living condition of people in remote communities. “We are truly excited about the potential to create lasting change to health of people living in community” Steve Smith, AIG CEO.

For more information about AIG
Visit our website aiggroup.org.au or give us a ring to have a chat 08 8922 2666