Larapinta runner's fundraiser for Remote Laundries project

Hi! We are Tom, Zac and Griff and in August we’re running the 140 km Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory to raise money for the Remote Laundries project.  

Remote Laundries is an Aboriginal owned project that provides free clothes washing and drying in remote NT communities. Its a project we’ve been aware of for some time and one we are very proud to support. We’re hoping to raise $10,000 towards this great cause

If our participation in Run Larapinta can contribute to one remote community’s capacity to provide its residents with clean clothing that would be incredible, and make our effort in preparing for and completing the race all the more worthwhile.


Social, health and economic benefit

The Remote Laundries project produces three outcomes: improved health, improved local economy and improved quality of life. 

Improved health 

We know access to washing machines and dryers that work, good quality detergent and hot water reduces diseases of the skin because washing kills parasites and bacteria. 

Scabies infestations are a chronic and widespread issue in remote communities made worse by overcrowding, which is far too common in NT communities. Scabies leads to serious disease such as rheumatic heart disease and kidney disease. Tackling scabies is a powerful tool in improving the health of everyone but in particular children.  

Improved local economy 

Employing locals means the money stays in the community which helps to build a stronger local economy that better serves the whole community. 

Creating jobs in community is a key priority and is linked to our project goals. We’re proud of the high success we’ve had in recruiting, training and retaining staff. 

Improved quality of life 

We define an improved quality of life by the absence of disease – both primary conditions like painful skin sores and secondary like rheumatic heart disease and kidney disease. 

A reduction of medical conditions will become increasingly evident and the mid and long term benefits  more obvious as the project matures. 

About the runners

The three of us have always enjoyed running and participated in long-distance races in the past. Run Larapinta poses a considerably greater challenge than anything we’ve done before. Over four days, we’ll be running almost 140km through the iconic Larapinta Trial in Central Australia. 

We’re expecting the run will be an amazing way to see this part of Australia and while each of the four days will be tough, it offers an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and vastness of the area that few people get the privilege of seeing.

Preparation for Larapinta has been a real marathon (pardon the pun!) with the 2021 event unfortunately postponed because of  COVID-19. After a break to reenergise the mind and body, we are back and ready to race on 12-15 August 

We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that the 75km+ of training each week will have prepared us – but can one ever really totally prepare for something like this? 

Thank you for your support!!