Northern Territory Primary Health Care Network

NT PHN partners with Remote Laundries project

The Remote Laundries Project team are celebrating! We’ve secured a significant partnership with NT PHN and we are very pleased.

NT PHN has included the laundry in Barunga into their early intervention and preventative health program for 12 months. Their contribution will promote positive health outcomes in community and pay wages of the local laundry attendants.

The laundry officially joined the early intervention and preventative health program on 1 July, and while this arrangement is new, Remote Laundries Project and NT PHN have been in partnership since 2019 so they certainly know their way around the project.

“The AIG Remote Laundries project is a simple way NT PHN can contribute to improved health outcomes for the Barunga community. This aligns directly with our core role” said Gill Yearsley NT PHN CEO.

Gives us room to grow

As a self-funded charity, we pour a lot of time into identifying funding opportunities. This funding from NT PHN allows our small team to focus our energy on expanding the project to other communities. From our point of view, creating partnerships like the one we have with NT PHN makes a huge difference to the project overall.

Another positive of this partnership is the recognition of the health contribution that we make to people living in remote NT. We’ve known for a long time that something as simple as offering free and reliable washing and drying can improve the health of the whole community, but to have NT PHN endorse our project is a huge win.

Gill from NT PHN said, “The AIG Remote Laundries project not only improves hygiene and reduces the instances of scabies and other skin conditions, but also makes a valuable contribution to the local economy, employing five locals”.

We need partners who can grow with us

NT PHN has been with us from the start and have been innovative and agile in adjusting the partnership as we grow. We want to offer other corporates the chance to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial. NT PHN is a perfect example of this. Our values are aligned, and we can help them improve the health of people living in remote communities. We help them, they help us.

If your organisation or business sees an opportunity for mutual benefit, please get in touch. Each partnership can be designed to meet your needs.

Partners can benefit from employee engagement opportunities, creating positive brand awareness, help with meeting the organisations RAP/CSR KPI’s or simply increasing community engagement. We tailor each partnership to meet the unique opportunities of the organisation.

Take a look at our MEDIA RELEASE for more information.