Want to be a part of something exciting?

Every now and then a project comes along that is just right. Simple in design but able to tackle complex problems and managed by a skilled team. Our Remote Laundries Project is one of those projects and widespread support confirms this. In a recent visit from the Governor-General he described the project as “an outstanding example of community led and delivered initiative that is making a real difference”.

Our project is growing at breakneck speed, and we want to offer the opportunity for corporates to be involved in a real chance of change to our most vulnerable Australians. Remote Laundries offers a unique suite of partnership opportunities, from kicking Reconciliation Action Plan goals to unbeatable employee engagement opportunities.

A little bit about us

Remote Laundries Project is run through the Aboriginal Investment Group. This group is mandated to build stronger Aboriginal communities through projects that directly benefit people living in communities in the Top End of the NT. AIG has been operating in the NT since 1988 and specialises in supporting community leaders to strengthen their own communities.

The Remote Laundries Project was created in 2019 in response to community calls to address two major problems within remote communities – the prevalence of scabies and the lack of jobs available in community. While scabies is not something many would have heard of in southern Australia, it is a well-known health emergency in Aboriginal communities in northern Australia

The project has three key outcomes: improved health, improved quality of life, and improved local economy through jobs creation.

 It all starts with the tiny scabies mite

Scabies are little mites that burrow under the skin and make it very itchy. They are spread through human-to-human contact and are happiest in warm climates where there are lots of people living close together. The scabies mite thrives in Aboriginal communities where overcrowding is common.

You might be thinking why is an itchy mite a health emergency? The mite is just the beginning. Itching breaks the skin and exposes the body to nasty bacteria which in turn triggers an immune response in the heart and kidneys. After long term exposure, these infections can cause permanent damage. Obviously, it’s much more complex that than but, in a nutshell, if we can take away the scabies mite the risk of horrible diseases such as renal failure and rheumatic heart disease are also reduced.

Washing clothes and bedding in hot water with the right detergent kills the mite and in time, will break the life cycle and stop the infestation. Remote Laundries ensures reliable access to durable machines, power, hot water, and the correct chemical – making a huge impact in remote communities.

 Why partner with us?

A good partnership needs to be mutually beneficial, and Remote Laundries have developed a variety of ways to help partners reach their goals. As a 100% Indigenous-owned registered charity, we can help our partners meet Reconciliation Action Plan and Corporate Social Responsibility goals. But we also offer a lot more.

Many partners look for employee engagement opportunities; giving their people the opportunity to see what it is like to deliver our project on the ground in Aboriginal communities. Employee engagement opportunities boost morale in the office, and lets the entire team see that they are a part of something major.

We can also co-host events, loan our laundry units out for your use or be the guest speakers at events to help demonstrate your social and community input. 

When you meet us, you’ll realise we’re not like most not-for-profit organisations. We are 100% self-funded and have a small team of specialists. We move quickly and efficiently. Dream partners if we do say so ourselves!

How to partner with us?

Most of our partners give monetary support and to be honest it is our preferred form of partnership (check out who they are here https://www.remotelaundries.org.au/partnerships/). However, there are many other ways your organisation can support us, such as hands on work, expert advice, donation of inventory, and consultation hours.

The best way to get the ball rolling is to talk to Jaime Asher (Jaime.asher@aiggroup.org.au) or Brittany Ciupka (Brittany.ciupka@aiggroup.org.au).

What amounts are we talking about?

That is up to you, this is a partnership after all. When you make contact with the team, you can talk about what, how and how much.