A long and successful relationship with Kolsen

At face value it would be hard to find a link between Kolsen; a business operating across facilities, electrical and industrial services, and the Remote Laundries project. But if you dig a little deeper you would see a long and successful relationship between the two.

The Remote Laundries project business model has a corporate partnership and sponsorship component, and we offer corporates the chance to be involved through money or services. Back in 2020 Kolsen partnered with our project and have demonstrated a real commitment to the outcomes of the project. From our perspective, Kolsen have been instrumental in helping us understand the role corporates can play in supporting our project, what partnerships can look like and how to ensure the benefits go both ways.

Giving corporates a real opportunity to be involved in change

“We’ve long maintained the Remote Laundries project is attractive to corporate partners because it gives them a chance to be involved in something that has real potential for change” says Brittany Ciupka, the Remote Laundries project manager. “So often corporates can’t get involved in the day to day running of projects that target positive change for Aboriginal people because it strays too far from their business mandate, but they welcome the chance to contribute money or services.

“As we mature as a project it’s become apparent how valuable the relationship with our corporate partners is. Sure, the exchange of money is important, but more than that it gives people who would otherwise be disconnected, a meaningful chance to be involved in helping Aboriginal people. It is obvious how important that is for people.”

The blueprint for what is possible

Kolsen contributes financially to the Remote Laundries project as well as provides services where possible. The Kolsen team managed the site preparation for the Darwin laundry unit and has completed odd jobs at the Barunga unit to keep the laundry running safely.

The purpose of our partnership is to achieve positive outcomes in communities and Kolsen staff have benefited from being a part of something they see as worthwhile. However our relationship goes beyond dollars and is about connecting likeminded people who want positive change. Last Christmas Kolsen nominated AIG as the recipient of their annual Christmas present donation. We were able to donate gifts to children in the communities that are served by AIG.

“They are a valuable part of the team” says Brittany “We value their input and I believe the arrangement with Kolsen is a blueprint for how Remote Laundries project can work with corporates of all sizes in the future”.