Community consultation in Barunga

The second round of community consultations were held in late 2018 and involved the Bagala Aboriginal Corporation members, the Barunga School, Barunga Health Centre, Roper Gulf Council and the general public. The consultations focused on operational issues of the laundry and to create an awareness within the wider community that the laundry was coming to Barunga in 2019, and how people could become involved.

Topics covered in the consultation were:

  • Laundry site
  • Perceived value of having a laundry by the Barunga community
  • Possible health and social benefits of having a laundry
  • Opening hours
  • Employing and training laundry attendants
  • Teaching users about proper machine use
  • Ticketing systems to avoid issues with washing being left in the machines
  • Potential health promotion and community communication at the laundry for people while they wait
  • Possible technical issues (water, power)
  • How to combat vandalism
  • Cost of the laundry and how to pay for the services