Barunga Remote Laundries

Documentary to tell the real story

We wanted to capture the real story

There is only so much words and photos can do when trying to describe a project like Remote Laundries. We needed a mini documentary to document our incredible journey. Not just the mechanics and design of the unit, but the human side of the laundries operations and way people interact with the laundry and the impact it has on their lives and the community of Barunga.

To set up a project like this in remote Aboriginal communities is a complex puzzle that requires many different players and we wanted to show how all the pieces fit together to make it work. We intend for this project to grow and for laundry units to be placed in other communities in the future. Showing the steps to build the laundry and the people needed to run it successfully is important to help other communities understand what is needed.

Traditional Owner Esther Bulumbara describing the day the laundry opened in Barunga

A project worth fighting for

AIG contracted Greer Consult and Moonshaker Media to spend three days in Barunga interviewing Traditional Owners, community leaders, people who work at the laundry, people who use the laundry, school teachers, school students and health staff about their involvement with the laundry.

“We wanted to capture the real story, told in the words of the people who live in community and use the laundry. We wanted people to understand the everyday challenges that people face in washing their clothes and bedding and why a community laundry is needed. We wanted to show why people of Barunga value the laundry” explains Anna from Greer Consult.  

The people interviewed wanted to help explain why the laundry is something worth fighting for. They wanted to be able to help facilitate laundries to be put in other communities because they believe it’s a good service that has brought benefit to them. 

Tool for getting more laundries in more communities

What many people don’t realise about the Remote Laundries project is that washing, and drying is free – completely and absolutely zero cost to the users. Providing a free service means we need to find money to be able to pay for running costs and wages. Corporate sponsorship plays an important role in funding this project.

In order for this project to grow, we need to source a combination of government funding, corporate sponsorship and donations. This doco will be an important tool in facilitating discussions with government and to strengthen our applications for funding to build more laundries.

Corporate sponsorship wants to give back

A mini doco makes it easy for corporates to understand the value of the laundry and how the laundry works. Hearing from the laundry users about the potential for the units to create positive change in community is a very important tool in helping our project to succeed and for corporates to see the value in participating. Linked

As the name suggests, our laundries are remote. They aren’t visible to people outside of the communities where they are set, and this can make it difficult for corporates to understand the potential of this project. This doco will help corporates and funding groups to understand how our project works and why they need to be involved.

If you’re interested in learning more about the project contact us on or 8922 2650