Purchase with purpose

What does bottled water and public laundries have in common? You’d be forgiven for thinking not much, but you’d be wrong. The Aboriginal Investment Group Remote Laundries project have their name all over water bottles in the NT, and there is a very cool reason why.

Supporting local and donating to charity

In an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, AIG have asked NT water supplier Akuna Springs to brand water bottle with the Remote Laundries’ logo. Supporting local is important, one bird down.

Because the water is local and there is less freight involved, AIG can source it cheaper. What AIG saves on freight – which works out to be about 12 cents per bottle – they have put towards the Remote Laundries project.

The price of water remains unaffected in the stores that stock the branded bottles water, so their profit margins stay the same, but the money saved goes to the Remote Laundries project. Second bird down.

Why funds raising?

Why does the money need to go to the Remote Laundries project you might ask? In September 2019 there was a decision to make all washing and drying in the laundry free.

Immediately usage went up and so did the benefits of having a busy laundry. More people were employed through the laundry, and more people were reaping the benefits of having clean clothes, bedding and towels. Third bird down.

Brand awareness helps us too 

And just for good measure, we can throw in a fourth bird – getting the Remote Laundries brand out there in the NT community.

Currently the bottles of water are being sold at:

  • Timber Creek Store
  • Barunga store
  • Yarralin Store
  • Chow in Darwin
  • Ibis Hotel in Katherine
  • Eva’s Cafe @ Darwin Botanical Gardens
  • Sunset Soup Kitchen in Darwin

Next time you’re thirsty 

If you see Remote Laundries bottles on the fridge shelf, buying our  water will mean you’re killing birds all over the NT! Nah, just kidding, it means you’ll be making a very real contribution to the Remote Laundries project and you can feel sure that you’re changing lives for people living in communities for the better.