Paypont with AIG Remote Laundries staff

Smart cashless systems stop vandalism

Behind every great project is a team of hard workers who support day to day operations so the project can succeed. Remote Laundries has an army of people who work behind the scenes so that operations continue in Barunga and Paypont is part of that support team.

Cashless systems were key from the start

Paypont ( supplies cashless payment options for laundries around the country, allowing remote starts on washing machines and dryers with a mobile phone. Its was very important for the Remote Laundries project to be cashless from the start and Paypont has made that happen reliably. 

When planning and designing the laundries initially, community consultation revealed concern about vandalism especially if cash was paid for using the machines. Cashless systems were the logical solution and Paypont have been great in making that happen.

Support on a personal level

On a more personal level Kishore Aggarwal from Paypont has been a keen advocate of the project, and is always willing to work around issues and find solutions. A valuable member of the Remote Laundries team, Kishore offers support remotely from all the way over in Brisbane.

“This is the first time I’ve met Kishore in person, but I’ve spoken to him thousands of times on the phone. Whenever we have issues he’s willing to help, even on the weekend, which is very rare these days” says Fiona, project manager.

Support on a financial level

Paypont also support on a financial level by offering the Remote Laundries a subsidised rate for the supply of cashless hardware. To run a project like Remote Laundries, we need financial support from all the services connected to the project. Paypont have been committed to this project and it shows. 

Kishore will be heading out to Barunga to adjust the machines out there this week. We hope he enjoys the trip.

Thank you Paypont and Kishore and we hope you enjoy your time in the Territory!!

Paypont with AIG Remote Laundries staff
Kishore Aggarwal from Paypont, Fiona Ainsworth - Remote Laundries Project Manager and Steve Smith - AIG CEO.