Tell people about the laundry

Delma McCartney is the voice of Barunga. If you tune into the local radio station in Barunga you will hear Delma’s voice because she runs the Broadcasting for Remote Aboriginal Communities radio station and she believes the laundry is a great asset for the community of Barunga.

“I love working at the radio. I work Monday to Friday at the BRACS radio station in Barunga. I welcome people to Bagala country and Jawoyn Land, play music and do community announcements. During the Barunga festival I am broadcast across the world.

I found out about the laundry through a notice board at the store. There was a poster with the two traditional owners Nell and Esther. And another poster that was advertising for people to work in the laundry.

I went into the radio and did a broadcast saying there was a job vacancy working in the laundry and that people should see the store manager for details.

I think it’s a good project because some people don’t have washing machines at their house, and now they can come to the laundry and use the machines.

To make people use the laundry we need to be talking to them. I remember before people were talking about wanting to have a laundry in Barunga. People will use the laundry, especially those that don’t have a machine at home”.